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Norton and Carborundum
Norton & Carborundum, are brands of Saint-Gobain, the largest global manufacturer and supplier of performance engineered abrasives. Norton products provide solutions from every-thing from the home improvement do-it-yourselfer and contractor, to the newest MRO & MetalFab products. Our R&D expertise allows us to create innovative, cost-effective project solutions from large production jobs to small fix-up jobs. Whatever the sanding, grinding, or polishing application, Norton has the best product.

BUG-O Systems
BUG-O Systems is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

The LEADER in Intelligent
Positioning Equipment

We are proud to be an American manufacturer. We are large enough to handle any of your positioning needs, small enough to listen to what you have to say!

Preston Eastin designs and manufactures a complete line of manual, powered, and robotic positioning systems and equipment. Since its inception in 1972, Preston Eastin has provided innovative solutions to positioning requirements serving the welding, aerospace, aviation, automotive, transportation, ship building, material handling, thermal spray, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries.

H & M Pipe Beveling Machine Companies complete line of pipe cutting and beveling machines and related accessories including pipe lathes flange pins and clamps.

Home - Sanborn Technologies

In 1978, Sanborn Technologies pioneered the art of recycling machine tool coolants and oils using high-speed centrifugation. Since then, we have continued to improve our systems and have formed international alliances to bring our customers the best technologies available. Our expertise in coolant recycling spans the use of small centrifuges and coalescers to large central systems in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the world. With our international trade partners including, Turbo Separator (Switzerland), Freddy Products (UK), and NOXON (Sweden), we are able to offer our clients the best technologies for the most challenging applications.

Known industry-wide as the originator of the synthetic web sling, Liftex® offers the most extensive line of lifting and cargo sling solutions to the industrial supply and rigging industries.

In 1995 the company THIELE GmbH & Co. KG established operations in the United States specifically focused on the sales of the THIELE brand of overhead lifting chain and components. Since then, Conveying Chain, Fishing Chain, Lifting Points, Manual Cranes, Hoist Chains as well as Magnet Chain Slings have been added to the product line. New products are continually being added, most recently various fittings and additional trade sizes to the Grade 100-Product range.

Burr King
For over fifty years Burr King has manufactured (USA) the highest quality abrasive belt grinders, polishing equipment, disc grinders and vibratory deburring and polishing equipment.

Viking Drill
Viking Drill’s high-speed steel and cobalt drills are designed, engineered and superbly crafted to provide long-lasting durability. Consistency is a natural byproduct of their experience and dedication to quality.